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August 10
SoulShine Arts: 411 5th St., Eureka

SoulShine Arts: Furnace Glassblowing


With Willo Sernovitz

Experience the magic of traditional venetian glassblowing techniques. Watch 2000 degree liquid crystal glass be transformed into exciting shapes and delicate forms. Learn the history and science of glassblowing and have some fun with the glass in an intimate studio setting.

Fri., Aug. 10 • 2-4:30 p.m.

$35 • Class #: 31271

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Ember and Willo Sernovitz

Willo & Ember Sernovitz

The work of Willo and Ember Sernovitz at Soulshine Arts is a reflection of their connection to each other and the world around them. Through custom lighting and delicate forms they express this inspiration in color and light. They love sharing this creativity and expression to anyone wanting to experience the magic of glass blowing. Ember Sernovitz has been working in glass since the 1980s. Her style represents her connection to nature and wonder of the world. Ember's work has been displayed in shows and magazines throughout the United States. Her work is displayed in Australia, England, Japan and other countries. Willo Sernovitz has been working and teaching glassblowing and flameworking since 1994. His work has been featured in many design and art publications and in galleries throughout the United States and abroad.