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November 5
Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center (HBAC)

Sleep…Perchance to Dream


With Barry Evans

A third of our lives gone, just like that -- and for what? What’s the point of sleeping? Couldn’t Nature have done better than to steal 20 years (if you’re 60) away from you? If you don’t nod off in this class, you’ll also hear about how we slept before artificial light; the why and what of dreams, insomnia (and its many cures); lucid dreams and nightmares; animals who never sleep; and dreams in fiction.

Tues., Nov. 5 • 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center (HBAC)

$30 • Class #: 43891

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Barry Evans

Barry Evans

Barry Evans writes about the environment (and much more) in his "Field Notes" column in the North Coast Journal. Barry Evans and Louisa Rogers have been visiting and living in Mexico for over 20 years, and they own a home in Guanajuato. There's not much about the country they don't love.