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Shading and Shadowing
January 27

Shading and Shadowing


With Louise Bacon-Ogden, Self-taught Artist

With the versatility of a graphite pencil, learn how to properly make areas lighter or darker to give dimension and depth to your art. You will work from a black and white photograph to replicate the shadows and shading that give the art "life."

With a few art pencils, an eraser and good drawing paper, you will practice achieving many "colors" from white to heavy black. Using a grid, you can determine how much pressure to use to achieve the "blackness" needed to complete a drawing. With just a pencil, you can shade and shape an object to "pop" off the page.

Thurs., Jan. 27 • 1-3 p.m.


$25 • Class #: 23909

Video will be available for this class.

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Louise Bacon-Ogden

Louise Bacon-Ogden

Louise Bacon-Ogden is the originator of Strictly for the Birds, a store in Eureka, California (now closed). After retiring, she wanted to carry her love for birds into art. This combination is "the best of both worlds."