Course at a Glance

July 21
Sequoia Park Zoo, Learning Lab

Sequoia Park Zoo: Watershed Heroes


With Gretchen Ziegler

Hear the story of how this national award-winning exhibit was conceived, designed and built. Get a behind-the-scenes tour, see an otter training session and hide their food on exhibit, then watch the otters search it out. Have a photo opportunity inside the otter tube if you dare.

Sat., July 21 • 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

$35 • Class #: 31199

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Gretchen Ziegler

Gretchen Ziegler

Gretchen Ziegler has worked at Sequoia Park Zoo since 1995, and has been the director for 12 years. She has worked at a number of zoos around the country and has a degree in biology from Kansas State University.