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Sea Level Rise on the Humboldt Coast (Full Year)
September 28 to May 16

Sea Level Rise on the Humboldt Coast (Full Year)

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With Aldaron Laird, Environmental Planner, and Jerry Rohde, Historian & Ethnogeographer

Every other month we will meet to explore and discuss current articles, books, and local vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning projects related to sea level rise, and how it might affect Humboldt’s coastal areas.

This class may also be taken for just the fall 2023 term. See Sea Level Rise on the Humboldt Coast (Fall).

Register for this class by 9/18/2023.

Video will be available for this class.

Thurs., Sept. 28-May 16, 2024 • 2-3:30 p.m.



Aldaron Laird

Aldaron Laird is an environmental planning consultant who has specialized in sea level rise vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning on Humboldt Bay. Since 2010, Aldaron has been active in promoting a regional approach to sea level rise planning on Humboldt Bay. He is also an avid kayaker who has circumnavigated all 102 miles of Humboldt Bay's shoreline. Aldaron's photographs of Humboldt Bay were featured in an exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum of Art.


Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde has taught OLLI at Humboldt courses since the beginning. He has researched the history of Humboldt County for over 30 years, and he has several books to show for it. His history of Southern Humboldt County is expected to be published by the Cal Poly Humboldt Press soon.