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Relativity of Simultaneity
March 23

Relativity of Simultaneity


With Phillip Lazzar, Enthusiast

Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity shows how the time separation between events is reference frame dependent. In other words, if two events are measured to be simultaneous from one reference frame, they will not be simultaneous from any other reference frame in line with the two events. This is a consequence of there being a maximum relative speed, also known as the speed of light. This will be explained simply so that you can understand it. At least that is the goal.

Thurs., March 23 • 4-5 p.m.


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Phil Lazzar

Phil Lazzar

Phil Lazzar has been teaching with OLLI at HSU for more than 10 years. His course topics vary from tips on home selling and buying, to Introduction to Torah and Einstein's theory of relativity. New in 2022, he is offering a class to help grandparents connect with their grandchildren. Phil has a contagious enthusiasm for his subjects and his illustrative stories keep students engaged.