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Relativity for the Masses
October 6 to October 27

Relativity for the Masses


With Phil Lazzar, Enthusiast

In 1905 Albert Einstein published his counter-intuitive paper on Special Relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of time and space by merging them into spacetime. Gain a conceptual understanding of these deep and meaningful ideas, which will be presented in a simple way, without math.

Wed., Oct. 6-27 • 6-7 p.m.


$20 • Class #: 43850

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Phil Lazzar

Phil Lazzar

Although Phil Lazzar has no formal physics training, he has put in the time to learn this topic and has enjoyed sharing what he has learned by teaching it to the general public for the last 10 years. What he likes about this topic is that it shows us that how things look to be is not necessarily how they actually are, and that these concepts are counter-intuitive.