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Prediabetes Intervention Strategies
March 24

Prediabetes Intervention Strategies


With Carlisle Douglas, Diabetes Prevention Health Coach

An estimated one in three people in this country have prediabetes and most do not yet know it. Simple changes to diet, exercise, sleep and stress can prevent Type 2 diabetes. Learn how stopping our bodies from overproducing insulin is a key intervention in not only diabetes, but also many other diseases of metabolic health. This class outlines concrete things you can do for yourself, and to support your loved ones to end this needless epidemic. For most people, adopting these practices results in increased energy, improved brain function, reduced joint pain, improved sleep and enhanced sense of well-being. This class incorporates a HAES-informed approach, and will not recommend a focus on weight loss.

Wed., March 24 • 4-6 p.m.


$15 • Class #: 24203

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