Course at a Glance

October 3 to October 4
HSU Campus: Harry Griffith Hall, Room 225

Plant Intelligence


With Brian Dykstra

Explore the scientific debate over plant consciousness and intelligence with an engaging format. What evidence is there for problem solving, social behavior, cooperation, memory, or intelligence? Can plants perceive and respond to the world in thoughtful, nuanced ways? Find out, and learn about some amazing plants!

Thurs., Oct. 3 & Fri., Oct. 4 • 6-8 p.m.

HSU Campus: Harry Griffith Hall, Room 225

$45 • Class #: 43826

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Brian Dykstra

Brian Dykstra

Brian Dykstra is a botanist and ecologist. Bees, pollination biology, botany and ethnobiology are his interests. He completed his MS thesis on pollination ecology and earned a certificate in community college education (Humboldt State University). He has taught community college and managed an academic greenhouse for a large university. He has worked in pollination research and outreach, agricultural extension research, field botany, science editing, and served as education/outreach chair for a native plant society, farming, and much more.