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A New Roberts Supreme Court? (series)
September 22 to October 1

A New Roberts Supreme Court? (series)


With JeDon Emenhiser, Professor Emeritus

Learn how to evaluate the U.S. Supreme Court, and conclude whether the current term is a departure from the past or more of the same. We will begin the series on Sept. 22 with "Law and Policy: The Old Roberts Courts" Delve into how to judge the Supreme Court, judicial behavior, group dynamics, and voting blocs. On Sept. 24 we will look at "Originalism (Intentionalism) or Conservatism or Partisanship?: Justices Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh." In this class we will compare Justices Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh to the Organicism and Preambleism of Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. On Sept. 29, "Textualism, Justices Thomas and Gorsuch" we will discuss the cases of Little Sisters, McGirt, Bostock, and Raysor. Is Textualism a principle of interpretation? The final class in the series will be on Oct. 1, "Deference, Stare Decisis, and Institutionalism (Respect for the Court): Chief Justice Roberts Conclusion." Discuss June Medical Services, Espinoza, Trump v. Vance, and Trump v. Mazars. Has the Court changed? What will happen when Ginsburg and Thomas retire?

Tues. & Thurs., Sept. 22-Oct. 1 • 6-8 p.m.


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JeDon Emenhiser

JeDon Emenhiser

Dr. JeDon Emenhiser has taught Constitutional Law since 1960.