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Meditation for Beginners; We Are All Beginners
September 20 to October 13

Meditation for Beginners; We Are All Beginners


With Therése Scott, Embodiment Teacher

Have you avoided the practice of meditation because it has seemed undoable, boring, or even curiously frightening? If so, you are not alone! What if you were to discover that meditation could be as sweet and nourishing as sitting in the soft sunshine, or as energetically rewarding as a good hike? In this class we will explore meditation through the lens of breath and body awareness in a somatic style of practice which encourages subtle, relaxed movement as well as periods of stillness. In this way, everything that arises can be enjoyed as part of the practice.

Mon. & Wed., Sept. 20-Oct. 13 • 9-10 a.m.


$45 • Class #: 43908

Video will be available for this class.

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Therése Scott

Therése Scott has been teaching yoga and meditation at HSU through the Kinesiology Dept. and in the community for over 20 years. Her love of meditation began 34 years ago, and has spanned many meditative disciplines and countries of study. She brings her deep curiosity and love of life to her teaching, with an emphasis on breath and body awareness, in a golden sweet practice to nourish and restore body, mind and soul.