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Lighthouses of Humboldt County
October 26

Lighthouses of Humboldt County


With Julie Clark, Park Ranger

Visit the ruins of the first lighthouse in Humboldt County, the Humboldt Harbor Lighthouse. This lighthouse was in operation from 1856 to 1892. Discover what led to the selection of its site and the reasons behind its demise. There are no structures remaining, but there are brick remnants of the lighthouse tower. It is a half-mile walk on level sand.

Learn about the life of lighthouse keepers, lighthouse work, and the history behind our lighthouses that now are managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Humboldt County lighthouses include: Trinidad, Punta Gorda, Humboldt Harbor, Table Bluff, and Cape Mendocino. All but one are operational, and the others have been replaced by automated systems.

Tues., Oct. 26 • 1-5 p.m.

In-person: Location TBA

$15 • Class #: 43863

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Julie Clark, Park Ranger

Julie Clark

Julie Clark is a park ranger for the Bureau of Land Management. Her specialty is in historical interpretation of our public land on the north coast. She has a master's degree in social science and is the author of Falk:Company Lumber Town of the American West.