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October 1
Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center (HBAC)

Lightening Your Load: How to Let Go of Your Stuff for Good


With Louisa Rogers

Too much stuff! As we age, many of us want less, but find surrendering our cherished belongings difficult. Learn to overcome common decluttering obstacles, identify solutions to your resistance, take control of your possessions, and create a spacious, life-enhancing environment. Keep clutter out of your life for good!

Tues., Oct. 1 • 1-3 p.m.

Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center (HBAC)

$30 • Class #: 43888

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Louisa Rogers on her bicycle

Louisa Rogers

Louisa Rogers is an international traveler, writer, facilitator and cook who leads workshops for people ages 8 to 108.  Louisa Rogers and her husband, Barry Evans have been visiting and living in Mexico for over 20 years, and they own a home in Guanajuato. There's not much about the country they don't love. Louisa and Barry live in a 750-square-foot apartment in Old Town which allows them to come and go lightly.