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Life Story Telling
November 7 to November 14

Life Story Telling


With Margaret Kellermann, Author

Have you wanted to write down a brief life history for your family, or even publish some stories as Humboldt history? Find what makes compelling written history, and share some of your own stories. Collect them in a book in time to share for the holidays, if you wish. You will gain understanding of what makes a compelling story. You will recognize your power in making choices about what life stories you will or won't share with others. You may relate some in class as oral or written history, or you may keep them private. Later, beyond class, you may choose to share them for the holidays with friends and family, or even submit them for publication.

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Tues., Nov. 7 & 14 • 1-3 p.m.


$60 • Class #: 44209

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Margaret Kellermann

Margaret Kellermann

Margaret Kellermann is a writer, artist, musician, editor, and the owner of Blue Lake Studio. See her work and learn more at