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Life Beyond Earth: When Chemistry Becomes Biology
September 30

Life Beyond Earth: When Chemistry Becomes Biology

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With Victoria Leo, Astronomy Enthusiast, and Rick Baird, Nature Lover and Author

Is there life on other worlds? How can we tell from a distance? Get an explanation of what scientists look for when they search for life in our solar system and beyond. No prior knowledge of chemistry, biology or astronomy required. Explore how life emerged on Earth and precisely what NASA and other scientists are searching for on other worlds: both life as we know it and life as it could plausibly be! NO prior knowledge of chemistry, biology or astronomy required. Learners will be able to accurately evaluate the sometimes sensational claims in the popular press, will understand how truly exciting the dull-sounding robot surveys of Snow Zone moons are, and will understand how likely it is that humanity will find alien life during their grandkids' lifetimes. Learners will also be able to evaluate the scientific plausibility of the future fiction and sci-fi movies they watch.



California poppies

Victoria Leo

Victoria C. Leo is a retired college professor, a local author of science fiction, and an avid amateur astronomer. She has graduate degrees in biological anthropology and studied forest bathing in Japan.


Rick Baird

Rick Baird

RIck Baird is a lifelong amateur astronomer/photographer. Since he retired, he has completed a 21-painting survey of the solar system, based on meticulous research. He spends every morning, evening and the occasional 3 a.m. photographing novae, planets, moons (including ours), and galaxies. Rick earned degrees from Caltech and MIT in chemistry and chemical engineering.