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Introduction to American Cane Flow
October 4 to November 1

Introduction to American Cane Flow


With Richard Stull, Certified Advanced Instructor

Cane Flow is the free-form rhythmic expression of ACSD training principles for neuro-muscular and proprioceptive development/brain training and functional fitness using the J-hooked cane.

Although Cane Flow movements were originally designed for self-protection by International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Grandmaster Joe Robaina, Can Flow is not a martial art, and is not competitive. As an art form, it shares commonalities with music, dance, and juggling. It is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Cane Flow has the potential to improve health and well being, focus and concentration, coordination and motor skills, reduce pain, and enhance joint range of motion and functional fitness. It is fun and enjoyable to learn.

Cane Flow is of interest to movement therapists, dancers, martial artists, musicians, pain therapists, mental health therapists, and anyone involved in mind-body fitness.

Tues., Oct. 4-Nov. 1 • 4:45-5:30 p.m.


$139 • Class #: 43973

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Doc Stull with cane

"Doc" Stull

Dr. Richard "Doc" Stull is a Humboldt State University/Cal Poly Humboldt Professor Emeritus in the Department of Kinesiology and Recreation Administration. Doc taught a credit class in Tai Chi Chuan at Humboldt for 26 years, and has practiced for 41 years. He is also a Certified Advanced Instructor in American Cane Self Defense (ACSD) Cane Flow and a direct student of ACSD Founder Grandmaster Joe Robaina. Doc is known for his creative and inspirational teaching which combines movement biomechanics, metaphor, and colorful storytelling.