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July 26
Historic Requa Inn, Klamath

Inns of the Northcoast: The Historic Requa Inn


With Jan Wortman

Discover one of the most renowned, grass-roots staples of Redwood country and its vibrant cultural heritage, as the Requa Inn celebrates its 104-year anniversary. Innkeeper Jan Wortman, Yurok Tribal member, will share how the Requa Inn continues to play a part in the Yurok community, generating jobs and garnering an interest in the region’s Native American heritage.

Thurs., July 26 • 2-4:30 p.m.

$35 • Class #: 31229

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Jan Wortman at the Requa Inn

Jan Wortman

Jan Wortman and her family bought the historic Requa Inn in 2010. Requa (“Rek-Woi” in Yurok) is the place of a traditional Yurok village from where Jan’s family and ancestors come. This is the most special place in the world for her. Jan runs the inn with help from her husband, Marty; son Thomas; daughter Geneva and husband Reweti Wiki and their kids, Maia, Keeya, and Ani.