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Humboldt Bay: A Photographic Journey (option 2)
August 22

Humboldt Bay: A Photographic Journey (option 2)


With Aldaron Laird, Environmental Planner and Jerry Rohde, Historian and Ethnogeographer

Let’s explore the diversity and uniqueness that is Humboldt Bay. Take a photographic journey through the bay’s six hydrographic areas, inter-tidal wetlands and channels, agricultural and Aleutian geese grazing lands, coastal forest and dune ecosystems. We will also present interesting historical images to highlight little known artifacts and past developments, as well as current uses of the bay.

Sat., Aug. 22 • 1-3 p.m.


$15 • Class #: 31214

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Aldaron Laird

Aldaron Laird is an environmental planning consultant who has specialized in sea level rise vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning on Humboldt Bay. Since 2010, Aldaron has been active in promoting a regional approach to sea level rise planning on Humboldt Bay. He is also an avid kayaker who has circumnavigated all 102 miles of Humboldt Bay's shoreline. Aldaron's photographs of Humboldt Bay were featured in an exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum of Art.


Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde is an author and local historian who has taught HSU OLLI classes from the beginning of the program. He has worked as an ethnogeographer and historian for Humboldt State's Cultural Research Facility and as a private consultant. His latest book is Both Sides of the Bluff, a geographical history of west-central Humboldt County.