Course at a Glance

October 26 to November 16
HSU Campus: Harry Griffith Hall, Room 225

The Human Journey: A Natural History of Our Species


With Jeff Hart

Do you sometimes wonder about the nature of humans, the most uniquely intelligent species on Earth? You may have questions about where we came from, why we have conflicting behaviors, why some people have beliefs and perspectives different from yours. And what about issues of identity and bias, political unrest and climate change that is unraveling human societies? The Human Journey is a wide angle exploration that answers some of these timeless topics.

This session includes human origins and environmental factors that shaped our physical evolution; the social and tribal natures that bind us together; emotional states such as happiness, fear and love; the role of personality and culture that influence human behavior; the origin and function of morality and religion; the application of science to understand the human condition; and why we appreciate beauty and art.

This class will encourage the development of a salon concept and will be dependent upon individuals willing to host events in their homes, cafes, libraries, etc.

Sat., Oct. 26-Nov. 16 • 10 a.m.-noon


HSU Campus: Harry Griffith Hall, Room 225 [NOTE: This location has changed since catalog publication.]

$70 • Class #: 43831

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Jeff Hart

Jeff Hart

With degrees in environmental biology, ethnobotany and evolutionary biology, Jeff Hart has spent several decades doing environmental restoration, public and college education, photography, and ecotourism. He has had field experience in Europe, North American, South America, and the American West including Montana, California and its North Coast. He has also had a life long interest photographing nature and understanding human's connection to the environment. He's lived in the Humboldt region since 2016 and has taught several OLLI courses.