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October 13 to October 27
Trinidad Library

How Global Climate Changes Might Affect Humboldt County


With Sean Craig

Session 1, October 13, 2019. Lead Instructor: Jim Webb. Topic (morning lecture/discussion): Changes to local weather, hydrology and other physical elements of local geomorphology from global climate change. Field trip: Walk around Trinidad and examine possible changes to elements of the local physical environment, including beaches, coastal bluffs, streams and estuaries.Session 2: October 20, 2019. Lead Instructor: Dr. Sean Craig. Topic: Ongoing changes to local nearshore oceanic life from global climate change, including impacts of ocean acidification, rising seawater temperature, and other changes to the physical and biological conditions of our local marine habitats. Field Trip: Visit the Telonicher Marine Laboratory and examine ongoing research at Humboldt State University focused on effects of climate change to local marine life.Session3: October 27, 2019. Lead Instructor: Elliott Dabill. Topic: Effects of global climate change on local terrestrial ecosystems and living organisms as well as paleontological evidence from the fossil record on how past warming events effected life on earth. Field Trip: View fossils at the Natural History Museum in Arcata as well as walk around the Arcata Marsh to discuss impacts of climate change on plants and animals there. A release of liability form is required.

Sun., Oct. 13-27 • 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Trinidad Library

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Sean Craig

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