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Gold From Hard Rock
October 22

Gold From Hard Rock


With Ray Hillman, Historian

California gold mining goes far beyond the pick, pan and sluice box of gold rush times, which is more broadly known. Explore the development of this type of mining from the 1850s-1940s. This includes representative machinery and methods, as well as notable mines located throughout the state. The goal of this class is to develop a fund of knowledge about the heavily industrialized era that followed the Gold Rush and maintained California as "The Golden State."

Tues., Oct. 22 • 4-6 p.m.


$15 • Class #: 44017

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Ray Hillman

Ray Hillman

Ray Hillman is a veteran instructor with OLLI and as a professional historian one of his specialties is industrial history. He holds a master's degree and a teaching credential from UC Berkeley and has devoted his career to California regional history as a museum curator and university and community college instructor. His knowledge is also applied to narrating tours throughout our region, and he is an author of many publications.