Course at a Glance

September 4 to November 6
Bayside Community Hall

Foxtrot: The Smooth Swing Dance


With Debbie Weist

The elegant, yet lighthearted Foxtrot is basically glorified walking. Anyone with a desire to learn to dance can excel at this style of ballroom dance. We'll start with the basics, then grow into longer combinations. Please be sure your shoes are free and clear of dirt & debris and that you will be able to pivot and slide easily. Bringing a separate pair of shoes designated for dancing is encouraged. A release of liability form is required.

Wed., Sept. 4-Nov. 6 (no class Oct.9) • 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Bayside Community Hall

$80 • Class #: 43870

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Debbie Weist

Debbie Weist

Debbie Weist was blessed with childhood of dance, theater, and piano lessons, which lead to a B.A. in dance kinesiology and a minor in music from the University of Northern Colorado. She brings this diverse background and plenty of enthusiasm to her classes. Debbie also creates memorable choreography for weddings and thoroughly enjoys the challenge each project brings. Dancing is an excellent way to meet new friends, get in shape, and have fun at the same time. Check out her website: and/or follow her on Facebook.