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Enslaved in Humboldt: The Story of Caroline Wright
August 11

Enslaved in Humboldt: The Story of Caroline Wright


With Lynette Mullen, Historian

In 1916, while inventorying county records for the state of California, Owen Coy discovered clear evidence that “human slavery… [had] existed within the boundaries” of California. These records were found in Humboldt County and recorded the indenture of several Native American children and adults to white masters in the early 1860s. Attend this presentation to learn more about this appalling but little known history of slavery in our community. Hear the story of Caroline Wright, who was born in Arcata in 1856, and enslaved as a young girl after her mother’s brutal murder.

Tues., Aug. 11 • 10 a.m.-noon


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Lynette Mullen

Lynette Mullen

Lynette Mullen is an independent project manager and local historian. Her accidental discovery of historic documents, which described the brutal murder of a young mother in the presence of her children in Arcata in 1862, fostered an obsession with the settlement period in Northern California. Her research has been shared in articles, presentations, a TedX talk and now this OLLI course.