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Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity For Beginners
July 15 to August 5

Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity For Beginners


With Phil Lazzar, Instructor

Relativity flipped classical physics on its head when it overthrew underlying assumptions. Understand how Einstein’s theory melds space and time into spacetime and how “moving” clocks run more slowly and “moving” objects are measured shorter in the direction of their “motion.” Albert Einstein said that when you teach relativity, make it as simple as possible, without making it wrong. That is the goal of this class, and that you will have the pleasure and joy of really understanding the basic concepts. We will go slowly and methodically, step-by-step.

Wed., July 15-Aug. 5 • 11 a.m.-noon


$30 • Class #: 31205

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Phil Lazzar posing with bust of Albert Einstein

Phil Lazzar

Phil Lazzar has been teaching Special Relativity for over 10 years through Center Activities and local schools.