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David Bohm & The Hard Problem of Psychology/Quantum Physics
May 6 to June 3

David Bohm & The Hard Problem of Psychology/Quantum Physics


With Brian "B" Mistler, Healthcare Executive

Our daily experience suggests a basic duality -- two separate things, the mental and physical -- leaving the “hard problem” of how consciousness interacts with the universe. To prepare to dialog and ask questions, non-technical reading will be provided on David Bohm’s physical/neuropsychological theory of "implicate" order, addressing the nature of reality in general and consciousness in particular. We will also discuss how such mathematical descriptions of coherent, ever-moving wholeness relate to Hindu philosophies of Advaita Vedānta (Non-Dualism or Dual-Aspect Monism).

Thurs., May 6, May 27, & June 3 • 2-4 p.m. [Note: This meeting schedule has changed since catalog publication.]


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Brian Mistler

Brian Mistler

Dr. Brian J. Mistler (Ph.D.) is a business executive and health expert, currently president and chief operating officer of ResolutionCare, a benefit corporation providing palliative care through the end of life, and recently executive director of Student Health and Wellbeing Services at Humboldt State University. A licensed psychologist with 20 years of teaching experience at universities/hospitals, Dr. Mistler has published widely on legal and cultural topics in top journals and served on national boards including NASPA Region VI, Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, and Journal of College and University Student Housing. After a first career as a computer software engineer, Brian received his M.A. (conflict resolution) from The University of Bradford as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to the U.K., P.G-Cert (financial management) from Cornell University, Certificate in Lean Six SIgma from McGill, and his Ph.D. (counseling psychology) from the University of Florida, specializing in data science and organizational change management. Please visit for more details.