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da Vinci's Hidden Message: Leonardo's Knot
January 19

da Vinci's Hidden Message: Leonardo's Knot


With Caroline Cocciardi, Discoverer

Interlocking knots have played an intertwining role from the beginning of humankind. This non-verbal world of symbols is found in diverse religions and areas, and their universal meanings have never wavered. Discover this facet of the work of Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci that has been overlooked for centuries -- his placement of inspired knots in his artwork, including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. The intertwining knot Leonardo invents tells the story of a hidden message unlocked by Cocciardi and revealed in Mona Lisa’s embroidery pattern.

Tues., Jan. 19 • 10 a.m.-noon


$15 • Class #: 23956

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Caroline Cocciardi with a reproduction of the Mona Lisa

Caroline Cocciardi

Caroline Cocciardi, writer and filmmaker, began an independent study on Leonardo da Vinci, while living in Rome.