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Cleopatra's Needles
September 23

Cleopatra's Needles


With Caroline Cocciardi, Author and Lecturer

Rome boasts 13 monolithic granite obelisks from Egypt, coined "Cleopatra’s needles." Second only to the pyramids are Egypt's obelisks, a monumental four-sided pillar, tapering made from solid granite topped by a miniature pyramid.

In 31 BC, the Roman general Octavian defeated his rival Marc Antony and Queen Cleopatra, and Egypt was then annexed as a province of the Roman Empire.

Take a Vespa tour through Rome’s city center and be amazed how Roman engineers were able to transport and erect these 326-ton monoliths. Discover how a Christian nation accepted their pagan symbols as part of its history.

Thurs., Sept. 23 • 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.


$20 • Class #: 43875

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Caroline Cocciardi with a reproduction of the Mona Lisa

Caroline Cocciardi

Caroline Cocciardi, writer and filmmaker, began an independent study on Leonardo da Vinci, while living in Rome. Her 20-year research lead to a da Vinci discovery. Her newly released art book, Leonardo’s Knots, will introduce readers to a facet of the Renaissance painter that was overlooked for centuries, yet was present in his artworks: his passion for intertwining knots. In 2009, the Cocciardi documentary, “Mona Lisa Revealed,” documented engineer Pascal Cotte, inventor of the multi-spectral camera that uncovered five centuries of secrets within Leonardo’s iconic Mona Lisa.