Course at a Glance

August 4
HSU Campus: Harry Griffith Hall, room 227

Classical Music in the Near East


With Kira Weiss

Join us for an interactive class and discussion of what makes music “classical.” Explore Andalusian classical music from Syria, Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt, and learn an Andalusian song in Arabic. Experience the value of learning about “other” types of classical music in Humboldt County. Students are welcome to bring instruments.

Sat., Aug. 4 • 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

$35 • Class #: 31208

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Kira Weiss

Kira Weiss

Kira Weiss grew up surrounded by music, and started piano and cello lessons by age 5. She plays cello with the Eureka Symphony. She is also an HSU student, cello teacher for the Humboldt Music Academy and part of the duo Heartstring Girls.