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Chess Tournament!
January 28 to February 18
In-person: HSU Campus

Chess Tournament!


With Margot Genger, Tournament Organizer

Stimulate your memory, exercise your mind, have fun, and meet new people. Enhance your chess skills through a tournament schedule. Both experienced and beginning players are welcome, but beginners must arrive already understanding the rules. Enjoy a lively game of chess each week, as you increase your skill at the game.

Fri., Jan. 28-Feb. 18 • 2-3:30 p.m.

In-person: HSU Campus

$25 • Class #: 23963

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Margot Genger

Margot Genger

Margot Genger is a retired teacher, poet, and self-published author of Shift Happens: Breakdowns During Life's Long Hauls.