Course at a Glance

September 8 to September 29
HSU Campus, Forbes Complex, East Gym

Beginning Pickleball: Skills & Drills


With Jerry Saner

This course covers all aspects of the game of pickleball. Students will learn how to move on the court, how to hold the paddle and the different "shots" used in the game -- ground strokes, volley, serve. Students will learn about equipment, places to play, court etiquette, and rules. Each class will cover the same material each week, giving students a chance to practice and refine their game. Students will play real games, and they are encouraged to go play at the local venues to get game experience as well. Students are highly encouraged to watch any "how to" videos or real games on YouTube or the Pickleball Channel to see how the high-ranked and professional players play.

Sun., Sept. 8-29 • 10 a.m.-noon

HSU Campus, Forbes Complex, East Gym

$55 • Class #: 43873

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Jerry Saner

Jerry Saner

Jerry Saner retired in July of 2014 from Humboldt State University after 18 years working as a cook, custodian and campus recycler in the Department of Sustainability. He is also a Humboldt State University alumnus. Jerry has taught cooking classes, helped to teach the campus community about recycling and has played and been a dungeon master for the past 30 years for a local gaming group. He's been teaching pickleball for OLLI at HSU since fall of 2017.