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Beginning Ballet for Adults
January 26 to February 16

Beginning Ballet for Adults


With Nancy Call, Ballet Instructor

Feeling unfit, or ready to experience a new form of exercise? Step into the beautiful world of ballet. It is rewarding, meditative, and glorious.

Learn the basic foundation steps, combinations in the center, stretching exercises and theraband work. Body alignment and placement will be emphasized as well as the classical leg and arm positions.

Ballet will give you strength and flexibility, balance, control, focus, rhythm, and coordination. It is a safe art form for everyone, if it is done correctly, and with concentration.

Feel rejuvenated after working your body and your mind. Ballet is a winner!

Wed., Jan. 26-Feb. 16 • 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.


$60 • Class #: 23913

Video will be available for this class.

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Nancy Call

Nancy Call

Nancy Call was a professional ballet dancer with the Ohio Ballet for 10 years and has owned her own dance studio and taught at Humboldt State University, as well as dance studios in the community. She is passionate about sharing the art form of ballet, which is fitness for the whole body and joy for the soul.