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Ballet for Adults: Intermediate (option 1)
March 2 to April 8

Ballet for Adults: Intermediate (option 1)


With Nancy Call, Ballet Instructor

Appreciate the wonderful benefits of musicality, flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. Intermediate ballet students will need to know the ballet vocabulary, as they will working at a faster pace during the barre work. Additional ballet steps and complex combinations will be taught, while continuing to work on posture, alignment and more detailed corrections.

Tues. & Thurs., March 2-April 8  •  10:30 a.m.-noon [NOTE: Time has changed since catalog publication.]


$145 • Class #: 24272

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Nancy Call

Nancy Call

Nancy Call was a professional ballet dancer with the Ohio Ballet for 10 years and has owned her own dance studio and taught at Humboldt State University, as well as dance studios in the community. She is passionate about sharing the art form of ballet, which is fitness for the whole body and joy for the soul.