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September 21
HSU Campus: Kinesiology and Athletics Lecture Room 256

Balance & Fall Risk Assessment


With Justus Ortega

Do you feel like you might be losing your ability to balance, and you’d like to have your balance assessed? Join Dr. Ortega and his team from the HSU Biomechanics Lab for a day of balance and fall risk assessment. A force-sensing platform and a series of stationary and dynamic balance tests will help determine your postural stability, and you’ll be given personal assessment results. The lab team will also discuss with you the implications of reduced balance, and provide strategies for improving your stability and reducing the risk of falls. In this class, we will first assess your medical and fall history. Next, we will perform five separate clinical test to assess your balance and mobility. These tests include test of body strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. Following these tests, we will discuss with you the implications of your test results as they relate to balance, mobility and fall risk; and then provide you with strategies for improving your balance and mobility, and reducing the risk of falls. The total time required to complete these class is about 45 minutes (30 minutes of testing and 15 minutes for consultation).

Sat., Sept. 21 • 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

HSU Campus: Kinesiology and Athletics Lecture Room 256

$45 • Class #: 43866

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Justus Ortega

Justus Ortega

Justus Ortega, Ph.D., is the director of the HSU Biomechanics Lab, where he and his students conduct novel research related aging and fall risk, and provide the community with health and performance-related biomechanical testing and evaluation. His research with the Matter of Balance program is aimed at increasing opportunities for seniors to stay active in our community.