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Art + Technology
February 8 to February 15

Art + Technology


With Julie Alderson, Art Historian

In taking this class, students will learn about the various ways that art and technology have intersected over time. Global and historical in scope, this course will examine the deep connections between art and technology. From Egyptian mummification to contemporary NFTs, we will look at the ways that technological advancements have inspired artists, as well as the ways that art has driven technology into new directions.

Tues., Feb. 8 & 15 • 1-3 p.m.


$30 • Class #: 23908

Video will be available for this class.

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Julia Alderson

Julia Alderson

Julia Alderson's specialization is in the area of American and European Art, 1860 to the present. Her research interests include topics in sculpture, public art, and Land Art, as well as museum methodology and theory.