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The Art of French Polynesia
October 24
In-person: Eureka

The Art of French Polynesia


With Ron Johnson, Professor Emeritus

This class will examine the art of Tahiti, Huahine, Mo’orea, Fakarava, and the Marquesas. It will include architecture, sculpture, open air temples (Marae), baskets, tapa, tatoos, and dance. Based on the instructor’s recent and past voyages to French Polynesia, he will share photos of sculpture from the reopened Museum of Tahiti. The class will feature the Marae on Raietea, the center of the Polynesian world.

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Tues., Oct. 24 • 1-3 p.m.

In-person: Eureka

$30 • Class #: 44172

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Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is an art historian and has taught at Humboldt State University, UC San Diego, University of Iowa, and more. He lived in Britain for various short periods and wrote the basic article on Rossetti's Beata Beatrix, his most famous painting. Ron has photographed works by Pre-Raphaelites in many countries. Ron still loves teaching and greatly looks forward to teaching an OLLI course on the Pre-Raphaelites and Old Masters.