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Armchair Trifecta: Bygone Byways
May 8

Armchair Trifecta: Bygone Byways


With Jerry Rohde, Local Historian

The West Side Road. The Mail Ridge trail. The route to the Klamath gold mines. From the comfort of our armchairs, we'll follow the dark lines on old maps as we relive the days of pack trains, stage coaches, and solitary mail riders. Join us for a photo-filled two-hour trip. We'll pass through such seldom-visited places as Iaqua, Blocksburg, Capetown, Martin's Ferry, and Fruitland. We'll virtually visit ranches, schoolhouses, and even a saloon or two.

Sat., May 8 • 1-3 p.m.


$15 • Class #: 24186

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Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde has taught HSU OLLI courses since the beginning. He has researched the history of Humboldt County for over 30 years, and he has several books to show for it. His history of Southern Humboldt County is expected to be published by the HSU Press soon.