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The Armchair Traveler: The West Side Road
February 12

The Armchair Traveler: The West Side Road


With Jerry Rohde, Local Historian and Ethnogeographer

It's the early 1870s, and the only way up the Eel River is to cross in shallow water from river bar to riverbar. Then the county builds the West Side Road, connecting Grizzly Bluff with Dyerville, and opening the way for year-round travel through Rio Dell, Scotia, and Pepperwood. Dozens of old photos -- some recently colorized -- will help highlight the virtual trip, which is impossible to make today.

Sat., Feb. 12 • 1-3 p.m.


$20 • Class #: 23904

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Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde has taught HSU OLLI courses since the beginning. He has researched the history of Humboldt County for over 30 years, and he has several books to show for it. His history of Southern Humboldt County is expected to be published by the HSU Press soon.