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October 2
Trinidad Library

The Armchair Traveler: Mid-County Crossing (option 1)


With Jerry Rohde

Let's fire up our armchairs and cruise across central Humboldt County. We'll leave the coast at vanished Centerville, flirt with fascinating Ferndale, go through ghostly Grizzly Bluff, and then visit the Van Duzen River drainage between Alton and Dinsmore. You'll learn about the area's three Indian tribes, ranching and logging heydays, and the transportation corridors of a century and a half ago.

We'll learn, from our armchairs, what Centerville was the center of, why Alton was often called "Junction," and how many bridges were built along the Van Duzen west of Bridgeville. And we'll see, in photos from the times, who held up the bank in Ferndale, what the width was of the road that turned Hydesville into "Widesville," and what concrete monument marked the abandonment of Lower Blackburn Grade. Come join us for a comfortable cruise through central Humboldt County.

Wed., Oct. 2 • 6:30-9 p.m.

Trinidad Library

$35 • Class #: 43753

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Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde

Jerry Rohde is an author and local historian who has taught HSU OLLI classes from the beginning of the program. He has worked as an ethnogeographer and historian for Humboldt State's Cultural Research Facility and as a private consultant. His latest book is Both Sides of the Bluff, a geographical history of west-central Humboldt County.


Gisela Rohde

Gisela Rohde

Gisela Rohde has led OLLI classes with Jerry Rohde since the beginning. She and Jerry have been exploring Humboldt County for 40 years, and have written three guidebooks to the North Coast.