Why give to OLLI ? Be a part of the future of OLLI at HSU

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OLLI | September 8th, 2021

Since 2005, OLLI at HSU has grown into a vibrant lifelong learning community. In order to fully support our institute, we must raise funding or increase resources. 

The vision for the future of OLLI is developed with OLLI members who lead through their work on the curriculum, and finance and fundraising committees. 

OLLI does not receive funding or support from HSU, and relies on membership fees, donations and course fees to run its lifelong learning institute. Friends of OLLI donations support the weekly Brown Bag Lunch Presentations and Let’s Connect gatherings, which are offered for FREE to the entire community.

As we look to the future, we hope to enhance OLLI at HSU in some new ways:

OLLI at HSU is looking forward to creating a Lifelong Learning Lab.

We hope to develop a dedicated classroom space designed to inspire learning and create connections for a lifetime. This educational space will be designed to be inclusive and accessible, with an audio induction Telecoil loop (T-loop) system and other technologies to allow OLLI courses to be offered simultaneously in person and online.

OLLI at HSU supports college students, and we benefit from Lifelong Learning Student Assistants.

In January, Jerry and Gisela Rohde -- champions of OLLI and beloved faculty members -- made a generous endowment of $30,000 to OLLI at HSU, which will serve to support a Lifelong Learning Student Assistant position in perpetuity. 

Hopefully you have had a chance to meet Alex Gonzalez, who is the first OLLI at HSU Lifelong Learning Student Assistant. Alex helps facilitate classes, consults on technology needs and program enhancements, and conducts special projects with the OLLI Coordinator. 

We hope to open three more Lifelong Learning Student Assistant positions to provide employment to HSU students interested in supporting learning in our community. Student jobs are crucial to retention, making college more affordable, and fostering a sense of belonging at Humboldt State University.

Please consider supporting OLLI at HSU by making an online donation or contacting us at the OLLI office for more information on how you can give to the future of OLLI (call 707-826-5885 or email).

Give today!