International Online Orientation Program (IHOOP)

Welcome to Humboldt State University! 

All international students admitted to Humboldt State University must complete the mandatory International Humboldt Online Orientation Program before they are allowed to register for classes. We call it IHOOP! The IHOOP course teaches HSU basic information about academics, policy, and support services.  Additionally, it will teach you the basic rules and regulations governing your immigration status while studying in the states. A registration hold, or IHOOP hold has been placed on your account. This hold will be released upon successful completion of IHOOP.

IHOOP is mandatory and each section must be completed by the following dates:

Fall Admission: June 15

Spring Admission: November 25

Class space is limited. Students who fail to complete IHOOP by the published deadlines will miss the priority registration window, limiting their options for classes during registration.

Students who complete IHOOP will be eligible to enroll in classes. Information about registration and enrollment appointment dates will be emailed, under separate cover, to qualifying students.

Accessing the IHOOP Course

All new international students are sent instructions on how to access and complete the IHOOP course with their formal admission email and letter.

Completing the IHOOP Course

Please allow yourself at least 2 hours to complete the course.

There are 4 major sections to the course that you will be required to complete in sequential order. Upon completing each section you will be asked to take a quiz or complete an assignment. The quizzes and assignments are designed in a way for you to demonstrate your understanding of the material presented.

When you have completed all 4 sections, you will be asked to complete a final survey. Completion of the final survey will demonstrate that you have completed the entire course. Typically, within 72 hours of submitting the final survey, your registration hold will be released.

Class Registration

Students who have successfully completed the IHOOP course will be able to register for classes beginning the 3rd week in June. The registration process is covered in the IHOOP course.

After you register for classes, your tuition and fees will be assessed. Your invoice will be sent to your HSU email account. The Center for International Programs does not manage fees and payment. Please work directly with Student Financial Services to monitor deadlines and payment.

Additional Information

A one-time non-refundable $50.00 Student Orientation, Advising & Registration fee is included in the first-semester fees of all new Humboldt students upon course registration. This fee covers all advising and registration services. Please check your Student Center regularly for any outstanding balances. For information on all HSU fees, please go to Student Financial Services website.

International On-campus Orientation Program

In addition to the online orientation, all students are required to report in person for a mandatory on-campus orientation held the week before classes begin.  Please review your letter of admission for the current dates of the on-campus orientation program and make sure you will arrive in time. 

Orientation Resources

We strive to be paperless and eco-friendly here at HSU, so we're providing all of our orientation materials electronically.  Check them out below!