Admitted Students - IELI

Congratulations!  You've been admitted to the IELI.  Please find important information below.

Housing Information

There are various living arrangements available to IELI students.

Student housing and accommodations are much less expensive in this area compared with urban areas of the U.S. The cost of living here is also much lower. We live in a very beautiful and safe community. People are friendly to international students, and there are many opportunities to get involved on campus and meet new friends.  Activities such as hiking, biking, and visiting the local beaches are available, and San Francisco is a short 5-hour drive away. Our air is clean, and our forests, rivers and beaches are pristine.

Please keep in contact with the IELI Housing Coordinator regarding your accommodations, as housing can be hard to find.  The earlier arrangements are made, the easier it will be to find a place to live. 


Some IELI students choose to live in student apartments off-campus.  The cost is $750 - $1,200 per month, not including utilities. You will be expected to pay a $1,400 deposit fee. The deposit and rent must be paid in full in order to get your key.  Most landlords do not accept cash as a form of payment, so you should have a check or money order ready.  Money orders can be purchased at supermarkets, banks, the HSU Bookstore, and the Post Office.

Groceries are inexpensive, or you can buy a campus meal card and eat on campus. Please e-mail IELI for more details. After you have been here awhile you may want to find an apartment to share with other students who may also be looking for a roommate.

IELI Host Home Program

The IELI Host Home program is for students who want to immerse themselves in English.  Students who choose this option gain English speaking skills at a faster rate. They also have people who help them with understanding U.S. culture and settling into the community.

Please note that Host Homes may not always be available, and many Host Families live outside of Arcata, so students may need to take the bus.  

We cannot guarantee placement in a host home unless the application is received at least 30 days before the student arrives in Arcata. Applications received less than 30 days before arrival will be placed as space becomes available and a student should consider alternatives such as renting a room or apartment or going into the dorms for a semester.

Our Host Home program has four options.  All four options include a private room in a house, utilities, use of the kitchen, and common areas.  It is necessary to make arrangements before you arrive.  Please contact and we will do our best to find accommodations for you with a host. All rent and deposits must be paid on the day of arrival.

Home rent
Home rent is for a private room in a house.  Includes use of kitchen.  Utilities included.
Monthly fee: $575 (no food provided)
First month rent plus deposit: $1150 (due upon arrival)

Home share
The home share program is for short-term programs. Private room in a house includes the use of kitchen.  Students will buy their own food and cook for themselves during the week, or eat on campus. Cooked dinners are provided by hosts on Saturday and Sunday.
Monthly fee: $725
First month rent plus deposit: $1450 (due upon arrival)

Private room in a house, includes use of kitchen.  Dinners provided by host 7 days per week.  If the student cannot attend meal time, dinner will be prepared to re-heat.
Monthly fee: $850
First month rent plus deposit: $1700 (due upon arrival) 

Housing Weekly (not always available)
$350 (dinner only)
$245 (no food provided)

All four options are for a private room, which includes utilities, use of kitchen and common areas.  This is a month-to-month arrangement so we ask you to give a 30-day notice to your host before you move out.

How do I apply?

In your application you will tell us which housing option you would like. We will send you a Student Questionnaire to fill out and this will let us know a little about you.

We like to receive your Host Home Application as soon as possible so we can arrange accommodations, and when you email us your arrival date, time and flight number to the Arcata airport (ACV) we will finalize accommodations.  We will then put you in contact with the host so you can email each other and ask questions. We are limited in the number of homes available, so please contact us to make arrangements as early as possible. Please email the housing coordinator at

Off-campus Living

We can help you find an apartment but you may have to stay in a hotel upon arrival. 

You can search and apply for the off-campus listings here. You will probably be asked to sign a lease for a year and give a deposit. TAKE NOTE that signing a lease means you will be legally bound to stay for the term of the lease. Usually our students wait to move into shared accommodations until they feel more confident here in America.

Students will be responsible for their own transportation costs to and from HSU.  A bus pass included in your student fees. This JackPass will give you unlimited travel on the Redwood Transit bus and the Arcata bus.  For more information, please visit this website.

 What if I want to live on-campus?

International student dorm living is available for IELI students on a limited basis.  If there is availability, students wishing to live in the International Student Resident Hall are required to sign a lease for up to one academic year (August through May). Space is limited in the Resident Hall and will fill up quickly.  Students must meet all Housing deadlines to be eligible to live in on-campus housing.

Conditionally admitted students may choose to live in the Resident Hall. This will provide you with a room and three meals a day on weekdays and two meals on Saturday and Sunday. Room and board for the academic year (August through May) costs $9,500 to $13,000. The exact cost depends upon whether you have a private or shared room and the meal-plan that you choose. Prices are always subject to change. For current pricing, check the HSU Housing Department website.

Notice: Humboldt State University and IELI do not discriminate against any person in regards to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability.  HSU Policy Number EM: P11-06.

Health Insurance

The California State University (CSU) system requires that all non-immigrant international students maintain continuous insurance coverage for health care, medical evacuation, and repatriation while enrolled at a CSU campus. Humboldt State University has arranged coverage with a policy via CSUHealthLink (benefits are provided by Aetna), which exceeds the CSU minimum requirements at a reasonable cost.

International students will be automatically enrolled in CSUHealthLink upon enrollment at HSU. Each academic term, the fee/cost for the coverage will be assessed to the student’s account and paid when the student is paying for other campus-related fees (students who are part of a group whose coordinator/director has received pre-approval from HSU for the group's medical insurance will not be enrolled in the CSU HealthLink medical insurance plan).

The CSUHealthLink plan operates as a “Preferred Provider Organization” (PPO). This means that patients receive the highest level of benefits if they choose a health care provider (doctor, clinic, hospital, etc.) within the “network” (the PPO). In many cases, the co-payment for services is 0%. But if the care provider is NOT in the “network” (not a "Preferred Care Provider") then the co-payment may be as high as 25%. A $100 (paid once in the policy year) deductible applies in most cases whether or not the health care provider is in the network. An additional $50 deductible applies to each use of the Emergency Room (ER).

The campus Student Health Center (SHC) is a "Preferred Care Provider" and students are urged to visit the SHC first, if the SHC is open and the student’s condition is not life-threatening. A student may be referred by the SHC to a health care practitioner in the local community, but that referral may or may not be to a "Preferred Care Provider".

Included in the plan benefits is 24-HOUR NURSE ADVICE. Available 24 hours every day of the year, you are urged to call 1-800-556-1555 at no cost to you to describe to a nurse your symptoms and get advice about what to do next. The nurse can also help you find a practitioner who is a member of the Aetna Preferred Care Provider Network (in which you receive the highest level of benefits) in your local area. 

Complete details about the benefits covered by the CSUHealthLink policy (and limitations and exclusions) can be found by downloading a brochure at or you may ask for a brochure at the HSU Center for International Programs or the HSU College of eLearning & Extended Education.  

The new U.S. Affordable Care Act ACA) requires that all potential insured members are notified of the availability of the health insurance plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) document.   The purpose of the document is to make it easier for you to read and understand the insurance benefits made available to you in a simplified document that is standard across all insurance companies.   You may obtain a copy of your SBC on the student insurance website at this website or by calling our student insurance brokers, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, at (800) 853-5899.


Terms (2017-2018)

Start Date End Date Student Fee
Fall 1 08/16/17 10/15/17 $150
Fall 2A (returning) 10/16/17 01/05/18 $200

Fall 2B (new)

10/07/17 01/05/18 $220
Spring 1 01/06/18 03/18/18 $175
Spring 2A (returning) 03/19/18 05/20/18 $155
Spring 2B (new) 03/10/18 05/20/18 $175
Summer 1A (returning) 05/21/18 07/15/18 $140
Summer 1B (new) 05/12/18 07/15/18 $160
Summer 2 07/16/18 08/15/18 $80
Monthly 08/16/17 08/15/18 $75


Co-payment: Part of the "Recognized Charge" or "Negotiated Charge" amount the patient is responsible for paying. Mostly applicable to services of non-Preferred Care Providers (out of “network”).

Deductible: Part of the Maximum Allowed Amount the patient must pay for Covered Services before any benefits are available. Once paid during the Policy Year, it does not need to be paid again during the same Policy Year. However, there is an additional $50 deductible for each use of the Emergency Room unless admitted to the hospital.

Emergency Room (ER): Part of a hospital that’s open at all hours, every day, to treat severe and life-threatening conditions. When you believe that your condition may endanger your health or lead to your death if not treated promptly, use of the ER is appropriate.

Preferred Care Provider: Any hospital, physician, ambulatory surgical center, durable equipment outlet, clinical laboratory, skilled nursing facility, or diagnostic imagining services facility that has an agreement with Aetna in effect at the time services are provided to the patient. Use of a Preferred Care Provider will save the patient money when compared to the same services of a non-Preferred Care Provider.