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 Monday, February 11, 2019

Time Session presenter Session name Session description Location
10:00 AM Dorothy Ngutter Foreign Service Learn about what it takes to work for the Foreign Service from the Diplomat in Residence, Department of State.  Dorothy will discuss Civil Service and Foreign Service career paths and opportunities for those with language skills (Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese) to work abroad. Fishbowl
11:00 AM Crystal Betances, Lyla Godfryd, and Students Student Research Panel Students discuss their research with Dr. Holmes Fishbowl
12:00 PM Maxwell Schnurer European Direct Action Lecture on direction action social movements from Europe in the 60s and 70s. The Red Army Faction and Dutch Provos will be the central case studies although a number of European militant groups will be discussed. Fishbowl
1:00 PM Matthew Derrick Silk Road Traces: Explorations of Today's Central Asia Drawing on adventures during his sabbatical last year, Derrick provides a travelogue of sorts, discussing geographical issues in contemporary post-Soviet Central Asia Fishbowl
2:00 PM Joy Soll Teaching Overseas Joy Soll, Career Advisor, will help you find concrete places to find teaching jobs and training for teaching English overseas. Fishbowl
3:00 PM       Fishbowl
4:00 PM Beth Wilson, Matt Derrick, Morgan King, Tyler Stumpf RPCV Panel Hear about the Peace Corps Experiences of 4 return Peace Corps Volunteers Fishbowl
5:00 PM Lonny Grafman To Catch the Rain - Impacts 1 year later Last year, Lonny presented a new book titled, "To Catch the Rain," about communities coming together to catch rainwater. Come learn about the international impacts, projects, problems, and opportunties presented since that launch. Fishbowl
6:00 PM

Guy Aronoff and April Hoffmann

Film and Discussion

Watch City of Lost Children followed by a panel discussion about the future of capitalism (6-9pm)

Co-sponsored by the History Club.

FH 111

7:00 PM
8:00 PM

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Time Session presenter Session name Session description Location
9:00 AM Dorothy Ngutter Government Internships Learn about opportunities for internships with the government from the Diplomat in Residence, Department of State. Dorothy will highlight student opportunities including internships, fellowships and exchanges with the US Department of State. Fishbowl
10:00 AM Vincent Biondo Islam and Religious Literacy Education in the Americas Western cities have become more diverse ethnically and religiously since the 1960s. Educators in Canada, the U.S., Colombia, and the UK have argued that in the 21st century religious literacy is an essential part of citizenship education. The new international best practices K-12 curriculum scaffolds pro-social peace education to build support for democracy, law, human rights, and religious freedom. Fishbowl
11:00 AM Katia G Karadjova, College Librarian CNRS and WLC Librarian International Librarianship This presentation (followed up by discussion) will address what is the meaning of 'International Librarianship' and how it relates to human rights, social justice, and diversity, equity & inclusion. Fishbowl
12:00 PM Emily Kirsch Study Abroad Info Session Learn about study abroad opportunities at HSU. Fishbowl
1:00 PM Erin Kelly and Emily Sinkhorn Rolling by Post-Communist Landscapes: Exploring Serbia and Romania by Bicycle Two friends rode their bikes from Belgrade, Serbia, to remote villages of northern Romania. In this presentation, they offer observations about the geography, culture, politics, economics, and history of the places they visited. They also discuss the challenges and rewards of cycling through rural Eastern Europe and in places that rarely see road cyclists. Fishbowl
2:00 PM Sam Kelly Peace Corps Information Session and Application Workshop

Serving in the Peace Corps is a great way to immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new language, and have an experience of a lifetime. Join us at this information session to learn more about the Volunteer experience, ask questions about service, and gain valuable tips that will help you with an application.

3:00 PM Young Sub Kwon Human Performance Lab Director Faculty Presentation Global Approach to Exercise and Fitness (Biochemical Aspects of Exercise in Prevention of metabolic syndromes) Fishbowl
4:00 PM       Fishbowl
5:00 PM

Seth Holmes with guest farmworkers

Keynote speaker: Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Working Together Against Inequity in our Transnational Food System

Reception at 5pm; talk begins at 5:30pm.

Seth will discuss his research along with a farmworker family who has collaborated with him on his book and his efforts to foster change in our food system. Seth is on faculty in the Division of Society and Environment and the Joint Program in Medical Anthropology at U. of California, Berkeley. He studies social hierarchies, health inequities, and the ways in which such asymmetries are naturalized, normalized, and resisted in the context of transnational im/migration, agro-food systems, and health care. He has received national and international awards, including the Margaret Mead Award.

FH 118

6:00 PM

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Time Session presenter Session name Session description Location
9:00 AM Joseph Dieme Study Abroad in Africa: a New Pedagogy of the Third World The Story of Africa is rarely told by Africans, which perpetuates a problematic understanding of the continent, its history, as well as its contemporary successes and challenges. This session will focus on how the 2017 Senegal Study Abroad program (the courses, student experiences, living conditions, cultural visits) challenges classic narratives about Africa and participates in the creation of a new way of "knowing" about "the dark continent" Fishbowl
10:00 AM Kim Berry, Mark Baker Decolonization in Oceania: an overview of current practices and movements We will provide a summary overview of some of the diverse political contexts and practices of decolonization from the Marquesas in French Polynesia to Fiji, including New Zealand. We will discuss the relationships among identity, language, cultural practices, land and water, and struggles for political autonomy/sovereignty. This presentation is based on place-based learning during our family’s recent 18 month sailing voyage through this region. Fishbowl
11:00 AM       Fishbowl
12:00 PM Emily Kirsch + Returned Study Abroad Students Study Abroad Student Panel Hear from HSU students who have participated in a study abroad program. Programs, cultural adjustment, and "what I wish I knew before I went" will be discussed. Fishbowl
1:00 PM Robert Cliver China and America: Convergence in the Twenty-First Century (and why it's not good for any of us) An opinion piece on how China and the United States are becoming kleptocracies ruled by lawless billionaire dictators and what the consequences will be for us and the future. Fishbowl
2:00 PM       Fishbowl
3:00 PM       Fishbowl
4:00 PM Leena Dallasheh "Brokers of Deceit": The US and the Arab-Israeli Conflict This session will explore the role the USA has played in the Arab-Israeli conflict, with a Particular focus on its representations in American media and their ramifications. Fishbowl
5:00 PM

Kat Lundahl

Humboldt Int'l Film Fest: the international film and how to view it Film Festival Fishbowl
6:00 PM

Film Festival

Enjoy screenings of some of the top international entries to the 52 year old festival including Israel, Kosovo, South America, Australia, Asia, and Spain.

Goodwin Forum

7:00 PM

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Time Session presenter Session name Session description Location  
9:00 AM Tyler Stumpf Navigating Paradise: Hotel Entrepreneurship in Developing Pacific Island Countries Many developing Pacific Island countries are characterized by institutional environments considered unfavorable to business development. In light of these perceived constraints, the status quo models of entrepreneurship need to be replaced by more nuanced and contextually-relevant alternative models. This session will present one such model developed via an in-depth research project on hotel business entrepreneurship in the Federated States of Micronesia. Fishbowl  
10:00 AM Jasper Oshun Water Development in Zurite Peru An update from an ongoing Geoscientists Without Borders grant in Zurite Peru. Zurite is a small agrarian community at 3,400 m located to the NW of Cusco. Margaret Lang (ERE) and Jasper Oshun (Geology) are working with a group of HSU geologists and engineers and the community of Zurite on a water investigation and development project. Students are leading a range of research projects focused on geologic mapping, measuring vegetative water uptake, predicting changes in water yield as rangelands are converted to forests, and designing reservoirs and canals for irrigation. The team will return to Zurite in the summer of 2019 to help the community build the irrigation canal network. The irrigation canals will directly benefit 100 families. Fishbowl


Study Abroad Fair
UC Quad

or Green & Gold Room (FH 166) if it's raining

11:00 AM Noah Zerbe The Future We Want? Sustainable Development and the United Nations System The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set international development priorities around the world in 2015. Intended to address the twin challenges of global inequality and development, we'll explore the progress towards meeting the SDGs, and ask what obstacles remain to achieving sustainable development in the Global South. Fishbowl
12:00 PM Alison Holmes California's expanding global role California has been expanding its role on the global stage for some time. Successive governors have built a reputation for being active leaders, especially on climate change. However, the state continues to operate without any real infrastructure. The new governor has an ideal opportunity to build a global California. Dr Holmes is currently doing research on California's diplomacy and will be reporting on her findings to date. Fishbowl
1:00 PM Tom Gage, HSU Emeritus Professor in English, Fulbright Scholar at Syria's University of Aleppo 1983-84 Not like us; they're us: Traveling, Teaching, Studying among the Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) From hitchhiker to fläneur, Gage discusses why travel is crucial in one's education. As participant in the 4th Doha Forum, he will discuss the UN's AoC and his conducting programs abroad. From 1958, Tom Gage, professor and author, has taught in China, Syria, Greece, and many European countries. His six decades of travel has convinced him of the absurdity of the cliche, the clash of civilizations. Fishbowl
2:00 PM Kerri Malloy Conceptualized Global Indigenous Rights As the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) enters its second Indigenous people face renewed threats from governments, corporate interests, and persistent colonial actions. Drawing from current events this session will explore the state of Indigenous rights throughout the world. Fishbowl  
3:00 PM       Fishbowl
4:00 PM        
5:00 PM Dr. Ranjit Deshmukh of UC Santa Barbara The promise and challenges of wind and solar: stories from India and Africa Sustainable Futures Speaker Series: With abundant resources and declining costs, wind and solar technologies have the potential to significantly decarbonize our energy systems. These technologies now present an opportunity especially for developing economies to leapfrog to a more sustainable and low carbon future. However, their large-scale deployment introduces challenges in operating and planning future electricity systems, and will require balancing trade-offs with social and environmental objectives. From the economic and environmental impacts of India’s ambitious renewable energy targets to the potential of wind and solar as alternatives to large hydropower and coal in Africa, Ranjit Deshmukh will use examples from his research to highlight the opportunities and challenges posed by a large scale transition to renewable energy in developing economies. FH 118
6:00 PM Dr. Ranjit Deshmukh of UC Santa Barbara Distinguished Speaker Event Sustainable Futures Speaker Series: Talk is focused on renewable energy in either South Asia or Sub Saharan Africa. FH 118
7:00 PM

Global Connections Club

International Music Night

Listen to music from around the world!

Goodwin Forum

8:00 PM
9:00 PM

Friday, February 15, 2019

Time Session presenter Session name Session description Location
10:00 AM Yvonne Everett Restoration and Resilience through Agroforestry in Sri Lanka Deforestation and development threaten ecosystem functions, water supplies, wildlife habitat and livelihoods in Sri Lanka, an island nation off the east coast of India. Several Sri Lankan non governmental organizations have been working with farmers and support from local governments and international donors to restore forests and ancient agroforestry systems over the last several decades. Based on intensive research and experimental implementation, they are applying a farmer to farmer extension model to promote a synthesis of local indigenous knowledge and agroecology based techniques to restore a myriad of ecosystem services. Yvonne Everett is a board member of one of the NGOs and will report on their current work. Fishbowl
11:00 AM Meenal Rana & Lonny Grafman w/ their students Rural Youth Volunteers in India: Experiential Learning Experience In summer 2018, 7 students from HSU and 8 students from Lady Irwin College (LIC), New Delhi worked in two rural communities, Daula and Tavelagarhi (District: Baghpat), India, on social entrepreneurship projects while addressing the environmental issues of water conservation and waste management in these communities. Each community had almost equal number of students from both institutions. Meenal Rana and Lonny Grafman from HSU provided close supervision and facilitated the 11-weeks program in the communities. The participating non-government organizations (NGOs), Environment and Social Research Organization (ESRO) and Grameen Vikas evam Paryavaran Sanstha (GPVS), supported the program activities in both communities. Another NGO, Center for Environment Communication (CEC) is currently engaging various stakeholders in the program evaluation. Fishbowl
12:00 PM       Fishbowl
1:00 PM        
2:00 PM Mary I. Bockover Inherent (Implicit) Bias This presentation will address three main areas of inherent -- or implicit -- bias. The first area to be addressed will offer definitions of what inherent bias is; the second area will address how inherent bias functions in a practical context; and the third area will suggest some strategies for becoming more aware of our own inherent biases as well as possible ways to move away from them. This presentation will be interactive and will encourage participation from those in attendence. Fishbowl
3:00 PM       Fishbowl
4:00 PM Jace Camarillo Studying Abroad and Life in Japan Back from a year studying at Tokyo's Waseda University with the California State University International Program, Jace Camarillo shares tips and experiences about how to apply, study and live abroad. Fishbowl