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  • HSU Summer Session

Summer Session fees, deadlines & more


Summer Session Fees

Summer Session - Regular HSU Academic Courses: $289/unit except:

Please note that some programs may require additional fees, such as program fees, material fees and/or liability insurance fees.

Fees are subject to revision.

The College of Extended Education & Global Engagement can accept payment by check, money order, cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Please make all checks or money orders payable to Humboldt State University.

Full payment of fees is required at the time of registration.

A $25 late fee is charged for late registration.

NOTE: Instructors may exclude a student from attending courses if the student cannot provide proof of registration for the course.

Financial Aid for Summer Session

Summer Session 2019 Deadlines
  • MAY 27: Memorial Day (Campus closed)
  • JULY 4: Independence Day Holiday (Campus closed)
SUMMER SESSION 1st 5 weeks  2nd 5 weeks Online 8 weeks Full term Extended & Special Session
Instructional dates May 28-June 28 July 1-Aug. 2 May 28-July 19 May 28-Aug. 2 Varies
ADD without a $25 late fee May 27 June 30 May 27 May 27 Prior to 1st class meeting
Deadline: ADD with a late fee
Deadline: DROP without a serious and compelling reason
June 3 July 8 June 10 June 12 Before 25% of the class has elapsed
File for Credit/No Credit June 12 July 17 June 24 July 1 Before 50% class has elapsed
Deadline: DROP with a serious and compelling reason (no refund) and a "W" grade recorded June 21 July 26 July 5 July 17 Before 75% class has elapsed
Summer Session Refund Schedule
Course Length Date dropped Refund Amount
5+ week
Prior to the first session Total fee minus $10 drop fee
First two days of session Total fee minus the fee for one unit
Any other day of the first week (Total fee minus the fee for one unit) x  65%
Any day of the second week (Total fee minus the fee for one unit) x  25%
After second week No refund
3-4 week
Prior to the first session Total fee minus $10 drop fee
First two days of session Total fee minus the fee for one unit
Any other day of the first week (Total fee minus the fee for one unit) x  65%
Any day of the second week No refund
2 week
or less
Prior to the first session Total fee minus $10 drop fee
After the first session No refund

HSU Summer Session Financial FAQ

What aid is available for summer?

A: Only any unused academic year eligibility (from fall and spring terms) for Pell Grant or Direct Loans. Some students seek out private loans for summer school.

When will my summer aid be processed?

The Financial Aid Office cannot begin processing summer aid until spring grades are finalized and we have run our end-of-term processes for Satisfactory Academic Progress. We anticipate beginning processing in early June.

When will my financial aid disburse?

We anticipate processing financial aid awards in early June. Disbursements will follow soon after that. You are responsible for any fees that financial aid does not cover.

Will loans be disbursed with grants?

That depends. Grants will disburse once attendance begins, regardless of the number of units a student is enrolled in. Loans disburse once attendance in 6 units begins. Example: You have been approved for a grant and a loan. You are enrolled in a 3-unit course for the first half of the summer term and a 3-unit course for the second half of the summer term.  The grant will be disbursed once attendance begins in the 3-unit course in the first half of the term. The loan will be disbursed once attendance begins in the second 3-unit course in the second half of the term.

Can I use my fall aid to pay for summer?

No. Students must have a clear account balance before any fall aid is awarded. Financial aid disbursements for fall will be held back if you have a balance due for summer. Your fall classes will be cancelled if no payment is received by the fall term payment due date.

Will I be cancelled if I don't pay?

That depends. Student Financial Services runs a cancellation process at the beginning of each session of the summer term (1st half and 2nd half) to drop students for non-payment; however, students will NOT be dropped during this cancellation process if the student has a fee deferment approved and on file (see question below). Students who enroll in classes after the cancellation process is complete will NOT be dropped for non-payment. It is the student's responsibility to drop courses. Students who remain enrolled in courses, whether attended or not, will be responsible for tuition and fees.

Can I defer my summer payment?

Fee deferments will be obtained and completed at the Financial Aid Office in the Student Business Services building. A student must have at least 6 units to have fees deferred. If the fee deferment is approved, students will have their fee due date moved to a later date in the summer term. Fees must be paid by the new due date to avoid a financial hold placed on the student record. A financial hold will negatively impact financial aid distribution for the upcoming fall semester.

Is there a payment plan?

We will allow payment plans with Student Financial Services. Students will need to be enrolled in units to initiate an installment plan. The payment plan form is housed with Student Financial Services. In order to submit a payment plan form, students will need to be ready to make the first installment of fees. Fees will be divided in 3 payments, 50% of fees due in the first payment, then 25% for the second payment, and the final 25% with the last payment. More information is available with Student Financial Services.