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Summer Session Student FAQ

What is Summer Session?

Summer Session is the shorter semester between fall and spring. It is facilitated by the College of Extended Education and Global Engagement (CEEGE), located in the Student Business Services building, suite 211 (2nd floor, next to the Financial Aid office). Summer Session is an opportunity for students to take summer online, hybrid, or in-person classes.

Is Summer Session harder?

Because Summer Session is much shorter than spring and fall, courses are compressed to cover the same amount of information as a semester-long, 16-week course. Therefore, classes will feel as if they are moving at a faster pace. Many students enjoy the faster pace and the benefits of completing a class in as little as 5 weeks.

Because of the fast-paced environment with increased workload, we recommend that students take two courses, as this is more than enough for a fun and challenging summer session.

What are the benefits?

You have the opportunity to improve your GPA by retaking previous courses, as well as being able to immerse yourself in the course. Furthermore, taking one or two courses during summer allows you to focus on fewer subjects, and perhaps even graduate earlier than planned.

Who is eligible to take Summer Session classes?

Summer Session classes are available to both Cal Poly Humboldt matriculated students (who have paid tuition in a degree seeking program), as well as those not currently enrolled. Students from other universities, out-of-state residents, and community members are welcome to take classes.

What are the dates and times?

You can find the dates of different Summer sessions on the Summer Session website: humboldt.edu/summer

Will I receive credit for Summer Session courses?

Units for courses taken during Summer Session will go on student's transcripts whether you are in a degree seeking program or not. Order your transcript at the registrar's transcript website: registrar.humboldt.edu/transcripts

How do I register?

The registration process is different for matriculated and non-matriculated students. For matriculated students, please register through your Cal Poly Humboldt Student Center as you would normally for fall and spring semesters. Fees will automatically be posted to your account. Failure to pay for Summer Session fees can result in a hold being placed on your account. If you are matriculated, and expect financial aid, please work with student financial services and the financial aid office to ensure that fees are covered.

For students not currently in a degree seeking program, go to the Summer Session Registration website.

Scroll down and click on "Summer Session Registration Form" under the "Other Students" heading.

Fill out the form and submit it online. The payment form will automatically appear after submitting your registration. Payment is due at the time of registration, and failure to do so will result in your registration not being processed.

How much is Summer Session?

How do I drop a course?

It is imperative to check our add/drop deadline and refund policy before dropping your course. Dropping at different times results in different amounts being refunded, see drop and refund policy below for details.

To drop your Summer Session course, please fill out a drop form found in front of Suite 211 in the Student Business Services Building, or fill out a drop form found on our website and email it to extended@humboldt.edu.


Failure to alert CEEGE of a drop may result in a delayed refund.

What aid is available for summer?

Summer Pell Grants may be available. Otherwise, only any unused academic year eligibility (from fall and spring terms) for Pell Grant or Direct Loans may be utilized. Students are encouraged to check with the Financial Aid Office to see what aid is available to them. Some students seek out private loans for summer school.

When will my summer aid be processed?

The Financial Aid Office cannot begin processing summer aid until spring grades are finalized and we have run our end-of-term processes for Satisfactory Academic Progress. We anticipate beginning processing in early June.

When will my financial aid disburse?

We anticipate processing financial aid awards in early June. Disbursements will follow soon after that. You are responsible for any fees that financial aid does not cover.

Will loans be disbursed with grants?

That depends. Grants will disburse once attendance begins, regardless of the number of units a student is enrolled in. Loans disburse once attendance in 6 units begins. Example: You have been approved for a grant and a loan. You are enrolled in a 3-unit course for the first half of the summer term and a 3-unit course for the second half of the summer term. The grant will be disbursed once attendance begins in the 3-unit course in the first half of the term. The loan will be disbursed once attendance begins in the second 3-unit course in the second half of the term.

Can I use my fall aid to pay for summer?

No. Students must have a clear account balance before any fall aid is awarded. Financial aid disbursements for fall will be held back if you have a balance due for summer. Your fall classes will be canceled if no payment is received by the fall term payment due date.

Will I be canceled if I don't pay?

That depends. Student Financial Services and Extended Education run a cancelation process at the beginning of each session of the summer term (first half and second half) to drop students for non-payment. However, students will NOT be dropped during this cancelation process if the student has a fee deferment approved and on file (see question below). Students who enroll in classes after the cancelation process is complete will NOT be dropped for non-payment. It is the student's responsibility to drop courses. Students who remain enrolled in courses, whether attended or not, will be responsible for tuition and fees.

Can I defer my summer payment?

It depends. Please work with Financial Aid to discuss how pending aid may be affected before working with Student Financial Services to set up the deferment.

Is there a payment plan?

We allow payment plans with Student Financial Services. Students will need to be enrolled in units to initiate an installment plan. Students may request a payment plan from their Student Center. In order to submit a payment plan contract, students will need to be ready to make the first installment of fees. Fees will be divided in three payments over three months: 1/3 of total course fees due for the first payment in May, then 1/3 of total course fees for the second payment in June, and the final 1/3 of total course fees for the last payment in July. More information about the CEEGE Degree Program Payment Plan Contract is available with Student Financial Services.