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Sip in Place: Summer with Sauvignon Blanc 
June 18

Sip in Place: Summer with Sauvignon Blanc 


With Elizabeth Hans McCrone

Nothing says summertime like a refreshingly crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Join us for a lively discussion on the origins of this historic grape variety that distinctly expresses the terroir from which it comes.

We’ll examine samples from local producers as well as contrasting those with the same wine coming from places like New Zealand, France, and our own Central Coast of California.

As always, feel free to bring your favorite bottle and share why you love it with the class!

June 18, 5:30-7 p.m.


$30   •   Class #: TBA

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Elizabeth Hans McCrone in vineyard

Elizabeth Hans McCrone

Elizabeth Hans McCrone has an extensive background in media, public relations, teaching and wine education. She holds a master’s degree in broadcast communication arts, a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a certificate in wine studies. She taught in the HSU Department of Journalism and Mass Communications as adjunct faculty for 17 years. Elizabeth first discovered her passion for wine in Sonoma County, where she worked at Francis Ford Coppola and Virginia Dare wineries as a tasting room associate, trade tour host, wine club ambassador and wine educator for more than eight years. She is also a regularly published, independent writer for the Wine Industry Network, a prominent online wine trade publication. In 2017, Elizabeth brought her wine enthusiasm back to Humboldt County where she continues to write and teach about Vitis vinifera near and far.