Studio School: Order Up!

TBA: Spring 2021

With Taylor Macias, Art Educator

ORDER UP! Let's cook up some serious arts! Young artists ages 5-13 will create a restaurant and food-based arts and crafts that would make Andy Warhol turn his head!

We will create our own cardboard box restaurant fronts, screen printed uniforms, Yoko Ono-inspired menus, and Andy Warhol-esque pop art advertisements, in a six-course meal of mouth-watering pop art based curricu-YUM!

Families come hungry, the final course will consist of a sizzling arts fair, with a smorgasbord of renaissance children serving up their hand-crafted goodies from art-farm to drafting table!

Small children may need to be accompanied by an adult to access technology and learn art techniques. Classes may be combined in case of low enrollment.

A full description of this online class and materials will be explained in a Google classroom account made accessible to enrolled students.

You must have the Zoom video conferencing application downloaded on your desktop or smart device to be able to watch the live video.

All the fresh ingredients (art supplies) to make this delicious feast are included in the price of the course, and will be delivered to your door! You must have registered for this class two weeks ahead of time to ensure your supplies are packed and delivered on time.

TBA: Spring 2021   •   Online   •   $120
Ages 5-9:  11 a.m.-1 p.m.   •   Class #:TBA
Ages 10-13:  2-4 p.m.  •   Class #: TBA

Taylor Macias

Taylor Macias

Taylor Macias is a graduate of Humboldt State University with a bachelor's degree in art education. Her main focus' are social practice, relational aesthertics, and performance art; however, she also writes, makes movies, and paints. She hopes to help young people learn to have agency for themselves and their communities, and to teach them the importance of the humanities through activity modeling engagement in arts. She has a cat named Oatmeal.