Practical Beekeeping Classes

Offered each spring!

Honeybees pollinate the crops for about a third of the foods we eat, and produce honey and other products. 

The colonial social structure of bees allows us to observe, study and manage them in a way that is beneficial to us, to them, and to nature. 

These courses will provide the information, experience, and confidence you need to succeed as a backyard beekeeper.

Classes include the opportunity to buy bees and start beekeeping.

These courses involve field trips to sites outside of the HSU campus. Participants are required to complete a Release of Liability form.


Class Title Class # Credits Startssort descending
Practical Beekeeping (1 unit credit)
24045/24046 (1 unit credit)
Feb 15
Practical Beekeeping (2 units credit)
24045/24047 (2 units credit)
Feb 15
Practical Beekeeping (non-credit)
24045 (non-credit)
Feb 15