Course at a Glance

February 17 to April 28

Advanced Beekeeping (1 unit credit)


With Richard (Dick) / Jeannine/Steve/ Melissa LaForge /Kaprielian/Sottong/Lee Krein

With Dick LaForge, Jeannine Kaprielian, Steve Sottong & “Missy Bee” Krein

Follow the progress and challenges of several bee yards, inspect colonies to assess their condition, and learn strategies for guiding colonies towards production and good health.

Classes include the opportunity to buy bees and start beekeeping.

This class is for those who already keep bees and/or have taken Practical Beekeeping.

Optional credit is available. See Advanced Beekeeping (1 unit credit).

Students should have at least one bee book. The Beekeepers Handbook (Sammataro and Avitabile) is recommended.

Sun., Feb. 17-April 28 • 1-3 p.m.


$210 • 1 unit credit, ZOOL x315, Class #: 27085/27088

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