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Teaching Practicum & Reflective Observation
March 20 to May 12

Teaching Practicum & Reflective Observation

EDUC x580: Spring 2023

With Shannon Morago, Ed.D.

Apply the teaching and learning strategies examined in the previous three courses through reflective observation and practice in the higher education classroom. Students will observe classroom instruction by a qualified instructor and provide written analysis. Participants will also plan and teach a lesson in their discipline with a live audience to gain the practical experience necessary to effectively reflect, evaluate and improve upon their teaching style and methods. Students will also receive assistance in finding an appropriate placement.

To enroll in this course, you must have been admitted into the Faculty Preparation certificate program and have completed EDUC x507, EDUC x508, and EDUC x509.

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March 20-May 12, 2023
$660   •   EDUC x580, 3 units, 8 weeks

Shannon Morago

Shannon Morago

Shannon Morago has been teaching science and math in rural northern California since 1996, with a focus on serving students with exceptional learning needs and Native American youth. She has also led, supervised and instructed in teacher preparation at Humboldt State University (HSU) since 2003, with particular emphasis on student centered learning using an inquiry approach. A focus of her current scholarship is the joy of learning. Shannon holds a B.S. in biology/zoology and an M.S. in biology from HSU, and a Doctorate in Education from U.C. Davis. She is also the Secondary Education Program Leader, Teacher Performance Assessment Director, Instructor in Elementary and Secondary Education, School of Education, Humboldt State University.