Certified Student Loan Advisors Training

CSLA Board of StandardsThe CSLA Institute Board of Standards is a nonprofit organization acting in the public interest to provide specialized education programs to licensed financial professionals who advise clients about student loan repayment programs. We seek to reduce the negative impact of student debt on the long term finances of borrowers through educational resources delivered through qualified financial professionals and publicly available online programs.

The Certified Student Loan Professional designation, is an advanced specialization in student loan advising unlike any other professional credential today. The course helps the professional advisor address the complexities of student loan repayment currently faced by more than 43 million borrowers. The training is designed exclusively for financial service professionals so they are fully informed about strategies, risks, and rewards associated with the different student loan repayment options. Financial professionals such as CFP, CPA, and RIAs may take the training courses and complete a proctored exam to receive the CSLP designation. 

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